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Sea Force provides industrial machines and work tools to support the Japanese tradition called 「MONOZUKURI=art of manufacturing」with the wide selection and knowledge. We would like to suggest our products as a manufacturer and a specialized trading company. As a manufacturer, we produce not only tools but also machines such as laser devices and 3D related machines, and suggest them to customers respecting their needs. As a trading company, we sell domestic manufacturer's products and imported ones from 15 countries with the wide range of stock. We humbly do our best to serve you by making the most of our technology in manufacturing with excellent service and products. Moreover, we would like to respond to your request carefully and promptly. Finally, we will greatly appreciate your further guidance and support.

We support your 「MONOZUKURI」

Machine dept.
Showroom Info

You can take a look at our demo machines in Sea Force machine dept. showroom.
This is the only showroom where the latest machines can be seen.
Please come and see our 3D printers and laser devices.
Your「MONOZUKURI」might be changed.

show room

Company Profile
President CEO Ichitomi Sasaki 
Headquarters Site Headquarters 4-18-11 Taito Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016
TEL - FAX TEL : +81-3-5817-1550 FAX : +81-3-5817-1544
Business Hour AM 10:00~PM 07:00
Business Overview Sales Task(Domestic Sales・Import and Export) 15 countries
・3D Printers Sale
・3D Software Sale 
・Industrial Devices Sale 
・Laser Devices Sale 
・Work Tools Sale
・Chemicals Sale

Development Task(self-Development・Self-Manufacture)
・Development and Manufacture of Laser Devices
・Development and Manufacture of 3D related Devices
・Development and Manufacture of Industrial Devices 
・Development and Manufacture of Chemicals

Processing Task
・Plating Processing
・Laser Processing
・3D-RP Output
・Creation of 3D Data 
Closed Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
Dealers of Our Own Products  Otsuka Shokai ・ As One Co. ・ Tool Related Trading Firm ・ Tokyu Hands ・ Yodobashi Camera ・ Home Centers  
 Please contact us for more detals about Tool Dealers (Dealers aournd the country are available) 
 Import and Export from 12 countries 
Clients As One Co.
Yodobashi Camera Co.
Tokyu Hands Co.
Uniliving Co.
Otsuka Shokai Co.
Simadzu Co.
Hirose Electric Co.
Kyowa Sangyo Co.
Hakko Co.
Kel Co.
NKK Switches Co.
Chukyo., Ltd
Meidensha Co.
Sugimoto& Co., Ltd
Naito& Co., Ltd 
Mitsubishi Materials Co.
Roland DG Co.
Osada Electric Co.
Japan Mint
Citizen Watch Co.
Seiko Service Center Co., Ltd
Japan Rolex
LVJ Group Co.
Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.
Nissin Denatal Products Inc.
Dental Support Co., Ltd
Nakagawa Co. 
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo
Mikimoto Jewelry MFG. Co., Ltd
Tasaki&Co., Ltd
Kuwayama Co.
F.D.C. Products Inc. 
World Co., Ltd
Good Smile Company, Inc.

and others over 1000 companies
Corporations from 15 countries
(in random order/titles omitted)
University Clients
Hokkaido Uni
Hirosaki Uni
Yamagata Uni
Tohoku Uni
Niigata Uni
Nagaoka Zokei Uni
Utsunomiya Uni
Tsukuba Uni
Tokyo Uni
Nippon Institute of Technology
Tokyo Denki Uni
Tokyo Uni of the Arts
Tokyo Uni of Technology

Chiba Uni
Saitama Uni
Nagoya Uni
Mie Uni
Shinshu Uni
Kyoto Uni
Kanazawa Uni
Toyama Uni
Nippon Dental Uni
Okayama Uni
Hiroshima City Uni
Kochi Uni
Yamaguchi Uni
Hiroshima Uni
Kyushu Uni
Saga Uni
Kyusyu Institute of Technology 
Ryukyu Uni
and other Universities over 100

Floor Guide

main office

Main office

1F : Tools Shop
2F : Sales dept
3F : Show Room
4F : Art Gallery

Sales dpt
2F : Sales dpt

Machien Show Room
3F : Machien Show Room

Metal Art Gallery
4F : Metal Art Gallery


Branch office

Development dpt.
Processing dpt.

Plating room
Plating room

Polishing room
Polishing room

Laser room
Laser room

Manufacturing room
Manufacturing room

CAD training room
CAD training room

Photo studio
Photo studio


Sea Force Map

【 Transportation 】
JR Yamanote line・Keihin-tohoku line
5-min walk from North Exit of Okachimachi station
Subway(Tokyo Metro) Hibiya line
3-min walk from Exit 3 of Naka-Okachimachi station
4-min walk from Shin-Okachimachi station
Subway(Toei) Oedo line
6-min walk from Ueno-Okachimachi station
Subway(Tokyo Metro)
7-min walk from Ueno-hirokoji station
Toei Bus
3-min walk from Okachimachi Ekimae bus stop
Toei Bus
3-min walk from Shin-okachimachi station bus stop


 Feel free to call us about parking and access information when visiting our company.

Specialized staff in various fields will support you.