Sea force Co., Ltd.

aims to be a company that supports [Manufacturing]

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Business Overview


Machine dept.

We sell the newest 3D printers and laser machines, etc.
We sell not only our own products but also imported devices.

In Sea Force Machine dept, we sell and suggest 3D printers, 3D scanners and laser machines, etc with the needs of customers.
We have both our own products and imported devices, so we support you with the line-ups and solutions that other companies cannot provide.



Tools dept.

Work tools to support manufacturing
We have a wide variety of goods including our own products and overseas tools.

Sea Force Tools dept. sells work tools and others that support 'MONOZUKURI=art of manufacturing.' We have 10,000 goods including our original products and overseas tools. Also, we offer you from low-cost tools to high-grade ones and support you with the prices and performance that satisfy a wide range of users from a common person to a professional.



Development dept.

We can correspond with the needs from customers because we develop in-house.Original products that attain cost reduction and high performance.

Sea Force Development dept. develops laser-related devices, ultrasonic equipments, and chemical products in-house. Also, we develop plating liquid relating surface processing and coating material.
We reseach and develop with the needs of customers, so we make customized design and develop according to the specification on a daily basis.



Processing dept.

To make your products, our processing professionals work with great care.
We take many kinds of processing orders from one.

Sea Force Processing dept. does processing and commissioned processing. We do all processing such as 3D-related processing, laser processing, casting, and plating in-house. That's why we can meet our customer needs. Our processing professionals process and produce. From personal use to business use, we support a wide range of user's「MONOZUKURI=art of manufacturing.」