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Machine dept. suggests and sells the newest apparatuses such as the latest 3D printers, 3D scanners and laser devices. We have products developed in-house and imported devices, so we support you with the line-ups and solutions that other companies cannot provide.In our showroom, you can check our newest products such as 3D Printer/3D Scanner/3D CAD/Multi CNC/Laser Welder/Laser Marker.We attain the low price and the latest models because the devices and softwares lined up in Sea Force are imported directly(as an import agent) from overseas manufacturers. In addition, we offer after-sales service. Our exclusive engineer gives you usage instructions and does repairs.The following machines are our own products and directly-traded merchandise. That's why we can offer the special prices and we are looking forward to your order.

machine Show room

Machine Solution

3D solution

3d printer3d printer

3D Printer

Much-talked-about 3D printer,
DWS series,is easy to make a smooth
surface with the wolrd's best elaboration.
Modeling speed was drastically improved.
Check out its latest product.

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3d scanner3d scanner

3D Scanner

The latest and the best 3D scanner,
REXCAN series, has 「precision」「speed」
and 「credibility」.With knowledge and technology, it was developed for
usability and has sensitive design.

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3D-CAD Software

We are the Japanese distributor for
TDM's 3D-CAD softwares such as Clayoo
and RhinoGOLD. We can also suggesst
FreeForm and others depending on the
type of the equipments.

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CAM Software

This CAM software is used in all over
the world and has a low price and high performance.4 axes and rotating cutting
are usable as well.
With a special jig, DeskProto enables
three-sides cutting.
It corresponds to various CNC machines.


CNC Machine

CNC Machine lineups
Dedicated softwares like 3D machining
and 2D machining enable easy machining.
「Magic series」is easy to use on the table.
We offer 7 types for your intended use.

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PC for CAD

PCs need high spec to use 3D-CAD.
This PC is set up in-house, so its performance is already tried and trusted with our machines and softwares. We offer high-spec
PCs with a low price.

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laser markerlaser marker

Laser Maker

Hight-quality laser marking series
made in Japan. It's the latest engraving machine that engraves with laser.
There are various models like the newest YVO4 laser and a fiber laser.
Heavy engraving and photo engraving
are also possible.

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CNC Machine

Automatic engravers,「Magic」
make it easier to engrave texts, marks,
and logos with a PC connected. It can be
used easily without knowledge of PC.
It used to be expensive, but now it's resonable.

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laser cutting

Laser Cutting

This low-priced and performance laser
cutting machine is developed in-house.
It has the latest FIBER laser 500W and
is possible to cut iron, stainless, and alminium.
This product will be released in 2016.


Laser WelderLaser Welder

Laser Welder

Laser welders are well-reputed in the
world. It has a low price, high
performance and the wide range of power from 600J to 200J.
The color-touch monitor makes it easier
to operate. It has a pulse shape function and provides excellent cost performance.

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Pulse Arc WelderPulse Arc Welder

Pulse Arc Welder

The multi precision weldering machine
that is appreciated worldwide has been released. The Orion welder is similar to
laser welding and some of its functions
are better than laser welding. You will know
how good this product is compared with
the last ones.

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3D Printer3D Printer

3D Printer

Low-priced 3D printer made in Japan
ROLAND featuring the DLP system and
fast speed. This is a recommended model
for a beginner of using rapid prototyping
3D printers.

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UV PrinterUV Printer

UV Printer

Ink-jet UV printer made by Japan ROLAND
It has a wide range of use to print on
resin, rubber, metals, and wood.
This model is capable of adding new
services and increasing productivity

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Machining Center

Machining Center

Large machining center
From 3 axes to 5 axes, we suggest
different models according to the usage
such as making a trial product or mass production.
You can check its demo machine in our company. Only Sea Force can support
you like this.