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Wax Pen(Heat Pen)Z1

Heat Pen for waxing

Original Productsin-house manufactured product

This tool for modeling work to make wax and figures by using heat pens
has a stylish body and is manufactured in-house(made in Japan.)With the usabilty of its hand piece, the performance is better than the old one, and the price is one-thirds.



Ultrasonic System, TAKUMIX HD

Multi tool for polishing, drilling, and removing burr by ultrasonic wave

Original Products
The newest ultrasonic system is here. 7 ways of using with high power are available. The traditional model had only one hand piece with one type of Hz, but the new model enables you to change Hz with high power and use as a polisher and a cutter for the wide range of works.

In industry,

this product is used for minute polishing, metal mold polishing(lapping), deburring, and chamfering.

In researching and developing,

this product is used for fine hole drilling of glass and ceramic, and for cutting sheet.

In jewelry field,

more than 90% of technicians use this product as a burnisher for fine polishing of jewelry. For perfect polishing of high-grade jewelry like platinum and gold, this product is indispensable. You can use this as a multi tool for stone setting, hole drilling of jewelry, engraving, and texturing.




Dust Collector for Laser Marking

Three-layer Filter for Laser Marking

Original Products
A low-priced, high-performance dust collector for laser marking is here. Three-layer filter helps to collect all smelly dust. When marking metals, there used to be a problem of the cost and usabilty because filters got clogged after several hours of use. The LX dust collector has three layers and the first layer is attachable by marketed filters. The second layer is a pre-filter and the third one is activated carbon.