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Greetings from CEO

Sea Force was able to commemorate 16th anniversary of the foundation.
It is due entirely to your support and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for your continuous support.
Sea Force has been aiming to provide good products cheaply by stocking machines and work tools for「MONOZUKURI=art of manufacturing」from overseas.
As it is now, we are able to offer better products than imported ones because we develop and manufacture our original products in-house.
Our business started from a retail shop, therefore, we were able to talk to consumers directly, hear what they needed and put their needs into developing and providing better products. I believe that the latest machines and work tools can contribute in 「MONOZUKURIeven if only slightly.
We would like to make an active contribution to「MONOZUKURI」and devote additional effort to it every day.
We kindly ask for your long and warm support.

CEO Ichitomi Sasaki