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Would you like to be a part of our members? You can have an enjoyable business life based on「fun and positive work.

Message from Ikeda the recruiter


「Make a Daily Life Fun」
We, Sea Force Co. think a business life is 「making one's life fun.」
This is it.
「Make your work fun」「Have warm human relations」「Make your private life enjoyable」
''Fun things'' include everything.
You can work hard because your work is fun!You can create a new idea because your work is fun!
Regarding a business life, it will be two-thirds of a year. That's why we hope to make your business fun together. No! Let's just do it!
Sea Force has half new graduates and half mid-career workers, but the employee turnover rate is very low. This means an atmosphere here is good.
Even brothers, sisters, and friends of Sea Force employees' came to apply for a job.

It's a personal matter, but I've never thought not to want to go to work for a long time even though I have some experiences that I made mistakes at work, felt tired and had a tough day. It's weird. But it is the truth.
This company is still young, but would you like to make it bigger with us?
Sea Force might be able to change your business life a little.

Thank you so much for accessing Sea Force Co's web page from many corporations.

Suzuki from Online Shop dept.

suzukiThis company has a homely atmosphere and employees are all young, so it is a good environment to work energetically.
If you are ambitious, this company will let you try many kinds of things, so you can develop your capabilities. I think those who are cheerful, active and be able to value teamwork fit here. This company will make you grow as well. If you are motivated, you will be able to try various things, therefore, one year passes so fast. Would you like to spend such productive days with us?

Saito from Development dept.

saitoWe have a free environment for development that only small and medium-sized companies can do. This makes my job more enjoyable because I can make a product by myself from the beginning to the end. The development of the latest 3D printers and laser devices is fun. I had no knowledge of development, but my kind seniors taught me every day and now I'm developing electrics. I would like to try various development continuously. Now, are you interested in working with us? As for an atmosphere, this is the homelike company. To tell the truth, my brother works here, too. Besides me, there are other siblings who also work here. This company brings in brothers and sisters due to its pleasant and friendly working environment.

 業 務 内 容
Sales dept. ▶sales for laser devices, 3D printers, in-house manufactured products
▶support for sales/general office duties
Tools dept. ▶sales staff at the shop
▶general office duties
Development dept. ▶development of laser devices, 3D printers, electric tools, and chemical products
Processing dept. ▶creation of 3D-CAD data, etc   ▶processing laser devices
▶processing 3D related devices  ▶surface processing like plating, etc
Online Shop dept. ▶web creation ▶web marketing ▶clerical work related to online shop
Overseas Sales dept. ▶transactions of a business with 15 countries
Qualification Requirements ▶graduate recruitment:  those who are expected to graduate or complete a vocational school, university, or graduate school in Japan.
▶mid-career recruitment:  those who live in Japan 
Job Opening Type ▶work outline above(depends on the dept.)
Selection Process  ▶interview(Please contact the person in cherge first and then send us your resume)
starting salary ▶200,000yen~ (with lunch)
bonus ▶twice a year(June/December)
work location, headquarters  ▶Taito-ku, Tokyo
opening/ closing time ▶10:00~19:00
holiday ▶2days off every week, the year-end and New Year holidays, the summer season, Golden Week, etc 

Regarding recruit, questions and inquiry

recruitment officer (Inquiry Contact Details)
e-mail :
TEL:03-5817-1550 FAX:03-5817-1544
Please call us during [10:00~19:00 except Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays]